Reagan Aquatics Defeats Smithson Valley In Dual Meet

Congratulations to the Aquatics Rattlers as they defeated Smithson Valley in their dual meet today.  Both the Men’s and Women’s team won, with a combined score of 338 to 227.  Top 3 finishes are below:

Women’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Xaviera Salas Gomez, Kaylee Coffey, Sophia Christiansen, Caroline Lilly – 1st;  Addie Bishop, Olivia Hernandez, Paige Lilly, Ana Martinez-Barbour – 3rd
200 Yard Freestyle: Lea Nader – 1st; Natalia Robles Basalo – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley: Elena Garcia – 1st
50 Yard Freestyle:  Sophia LaBeau – 2nd; Xaviera Salas Gomez – 3rd
100 Yard Butterfly:  Morgan Bartley – 1st; Lea Nader – 2nd
100 Yard Freestyle:  Sophia LaBeau – 2rd
500 Yard Freestyle:  Kaylee Coffey – 1st; Xaviera Salas Gomez – 2nd
200 Yard Free Relay:  Morgan Bartley, Sophia La Beau, Elena Garcia, Kaylee Coffey – 1st; Ana Martinez-Barbour, Olivia Hernandez, Lea Nader, Xaviera Salas Gomez – 3rd
100 Yard Backstroke:  Natalia Robles Basalo – 1st; Addie Bishop – 3rd
100 Yard Breaststroke:  Morgan Bartley – 1st; Kaylee Coffey – 2nd, Elena Garcia – 3rd
400 Yard Free Relay:  Elena Garcia, Morgan Bartley, Sophia LaBeau, Caroline Lilly – 1st; Lea Nader, Sophia Christiansen, Natalia Robles Basalo, Julia Street – 3rd

Men’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Nikolai Nelson, Ishan Gune, Ricky Rodriguez, Chris Partipilo  – 2nd
200 Yard Freestyle: Kevin Cai – 1st; Nikolai Nelson – 2nd; Luke Prior – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley:  Ricky Rodriguez – 2nd; Nicolas Ortiz – 3rd
50 Yard Freestyle:  Len Ray – 2nd
100 Yard Butterfly:  Ricky Rodriguez – 1st; Nikolai Nelson – 2nd
100 Yard Freestyle:  Luke Prior – 1st
500 Yard Freestyle:  Own Barrett – 2nd; Noah Ott – 3rd
200 Yard Free Relay:  Len Ray, Kevin Cai, Chris Partipilo, Luke Prior – 1st; Santiago Viramontes, Ryan Woehrle, Noah Ott, Rickey Rodriguez – 3rd
100 Yard Backstroke:  Kevin Cai – 2nd; Len Ray – 3rd
100 Yard Breaststroke:  Chris Partipilo – 3rd
400 Yard Free Relay:  Kevin Cai, Noah Ott, Len Ray, Luke Prior – 1st; Owen Barrett, Nicolas Ortiz, Ian Ruiz-Esparza, Nikolai Nelson – 2nd; Ryan Woehrle, Ishan Gune, Santiago Viramontes, Santiago Robles Basalo – 3rd

Congrats Rattlers!