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Official Site of the Diamondbacker Sports Association
Rattler Sports
Reagan High School

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About Diamondbacker Sports Association

On behalf of the Diamondbacker Sports Association, we would like to welcome our Diamondbacker Members and Visitors to our new and improved website! We hope you will visit us often and rely on us as your source for all information related to Ronald Reagan High School Athletics.

The goal of the Diamondbacker Sports Association is to provide an infrastructure to support our student athletes to enhance their High School athletic experience. The Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is comprised of a board of directors who work on behalf of the General Membership to accomplish the above stated goal. The funds raised by the Association directly benefit the athletes of Reagan High School by providing for equipment, uniforms, tournament fees/travel, coaching clinics, team banquets, etc.

Throughout the year, the Association undertakes many fundraising efforts:

  1. Annual Membership Drive
  2. All-Sports Program
  3. Sale of RattlerGear
  4. Website Advertising Sales
  5. All Sports Gala
  6. Rattler Discount Card Sale
  7. Rattler Golf Classic
  8. Diamondbacker Sports Association Meetings (Meeting dates subject to change!)

We need your support to ensure the continued success of the Diamondbacker Sports Association! Please feel free to contact any board member with ideas you may have or to let us know how you can contribute your talents/support. We have a great year planned with several fundraising and volunteer opportunities. It’s as easy as clicking the links above!

More than ever we are committed to supporting the student athletes of Reagan High School! Thanks for your support and Go Rattlers!!!

Jeff and Melinda Buell
President, Diamondbacker Sports Association

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