Rattler Commitments to College Aquatics and Other Sports

Class of 2019
Katelyn Bartley, Colorado State University (Swimming)
Shea Burcham, United States Air Force Academy (Swimming)
Brandon Garcia, Southern Methodist University (Swimming)
Sarah Walpole, University of Northern Iowa (Swimming)

Class of 2018
Hannah Feng, Princeton University (Swimming)
Grace Hale, Southern Illinois University (Swimming)
Katarina Partalas, Trinity University (Diving)
Edgar Pimentel, Ouachita Baptist University (Swimming)
Rachel Rodriguez, University of Arkansas–Fayetteville (Swimming)
Donovan Tubbs, Dickinson College (Swimming)
Alvena Walpole, University of North Texas (Swimming)
Kailey Wischer, Asuza Pacific University (Acro & Tumbling)

Class of 2017
Nataliya Gowan, Babson College (Swimming)
Alison Hepp, University of Oklahoma (Track)
Connor McClure, Trinity University (Swimming)
Beau Tipton, Trinity University (Swimming)
Zach Yeadon, University of Notre Dame (Swimming)
     2020 U.S. Olympic Trials
     2016 U.S. Olympic Trials

Class of 2016
Renata Avendano, University of Bridgeport (Swimming)
William Borst, Washington and Lee University (Swimming)
Hannah Middleton, University of Houston (Swimming)
Sophie Garriga, Austin College (Swimming)

Class of 2015
Brandon Ford, University of the Incarnate Word (Swimming)
Alex Garriga, Texas Christian University (Swimming)
Cole McAnany, United States Air Force Academy (Swimming)

Class of 2014
Stephen Cole, Saint Louis University (Swimming)
Nathan Gonzales, Brigham Young University (Diving)
Clay McAnany, Texas A&M University (Swimming)

Class of 2013
Sarah Gibson, Texas A&M University (Swimming)
     2020 U.S. Olympic Trials
     2019 Pan American Games – Bronze medal; Gold medal relay member
     2017 US World Team – Gold medal relay member
     2016 U.S. Olympic Trials
Andrew Skowronek, University of Texas (Swimming)
Mary Margaret Soderberg, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville (Swimming)

Class of 2012
Colleen Konetzke, Texas A&M University (Swimming)
     2016 U.S. Olympic Trials

Class of 2011
Kathryn Connolly, Texas A&M University (Diving)
Cori Gary, Liberty University (Swimming)
Kali Lents, University of the Incarnate Word (Diving)
Hunter Middleton, Southern Methodist University (Swimming)
Alexa Morris, Texas A&M University (Swimming)
Max Yon, United States Air Force Academy (Basketball)

Class of 2010
Donnie Walker, Texas A&M University (Swimming)

Class of 2009
Samantha Holland, University of Texas (Diving)

Class of 2007
Jenny Franzone, University of Missouri (Diving)
Erika Roach, University of North Texas (Swimming)

Class of 2005
Merritt Peele, Davidson College (Swimming)
Kylee Robinson, Texas A&M University (Swimming)
Kristina Sledge, University of Kentucky (Swimming)
Scott Trompeter, University of Texas (Swimming)
Lyssa Wallace, University of Incarnate Word (Synchronized Swimming)

Class of 2004
Brett Denham, Southern Methodist University (Swimming)
Adam Montgomery, Texas Christian University (Swimming)
Mari Musselman, Texas A&M University (Diving)
Angela Nelson, Brigham Young University (Diving)
Traci Wimberley, Centenary College (Swimming)

Class of 2003
David Donaldson, University of Texas (Swimming)
     2004 U.S. Olympic Trials
Celina Lemmen, Southern Methodist University (Swimming)
     2004 Netherlands Summer Olympic Team
     2004 U.S. Open – 2 Bronze medals
     2003, 2005, 2006 World Swimming Championships
Blake Dickson, University of California, Berkeley (Swimming)
Marissa Martin, University of Utah (Swimming)
Kim Massaro, University of Missouri (Diving)
Bethany Swigon, University of Tampa (Swimming)

Class of 2002
Casey Bauer, Duke University (Swimming)
Rachel Koelker, University of Nevada (Swimming)
Ketrina Lemmen, Pepperdine University (Swimming)

Class of 2001
Brady Lindberg, United States Air Force Academy (Diving)

Class of 2000
Shannon Hollsten, University of Missouri (Swimming)