Girls Track Win NISD Meet

February 21, 2015

In an effort to prepared the girls track athletes for the NISD meet at Gus Stadium, Coach McHugh told the girls, “Today will be full of great highs and bottom-of-the-pit lows; it’s the way track meets go. Today we will likely learn to handle both success and adversity.” However, she didn’t realize exactly how prophetic those words would actually be!

Despite the setbacks, the team shined! The athletes showed poise and determination in the face of adversity—many picking up the proverbial baton when others couldn’t.

As the families of our athletes know, the work for 2015 began in the heat of July last summer. Here’s a look at what dedication and patience can do:

Our Varsity 400M Relay (Hargrove, Anderson, Williams, Davis) opened the season with the fastest Week-1 time in Reagan history: 48.83. I’m sure they were fired up after watching our JV 400M Relay team (Gutierrez, Hawkins, Maina, Reinke) blaze to a time of 51.20—which would have earned a bronze medal in the Varsity division!!

Allysha Davis breaks the school record and runs the fastest time in the NATION in the 100M (11.78). She would have been 5th in the VARSITY BOYS division! Yes, you ready that correctly!
Emily Spendlove breaks opening-week record with a 39’03” Shot Put effort—also the best throw in the city so far. That gold medal paired nicely with the city-leading one she earned in Discus (120’ 4”).

Freshman, Kirby Hayden vaults the 5th best vault in Reagan history (8’9”).

To score 166 (JV) and 161 (V) points in a meet, takes an ENTIRE team’s effort.

Additional Gold Medalists Include:

Kayla Lomas (100H)
800M Relay (Hargrove, Anderson, Williams, Davis)

Lizzie Reinke (100 M)
800M Relay (Hawkins, Flores, Maina, Pearcy)
Mikayla Hinojosa (400M)
Alexa Fincke (1600M)
1600M Relay (Hawkins, Hinojosa, Taylor, Maina)

Other Placers Include:

3200M: (V) Eve Gonzales-3, Rachel Castro-4; (JV) Valentina Silva-4
800M: Kailen Grant-4; Grace Fraga-3, Abbey Martin-5, Kami Prochnow-6
100H: Ashley Arabia-3; Kaitlyn Taylor-2, Ainhoa Lago-4
100M: Zskaira Williams-3, Sydney Hargrove-4; Alexis Gutierrez-2, Jackie Clendening-3
400M: Sofia Perry-6
300H: Ashley Arabia-3, Kayla Lomas-4; Tabitha Young-2, Kelly McCabe-6
200M: Lauren Anderson-4; Tyanne Pearcy-4
1600M: Kailen Grant-2
Shot Put: Holly Hrynyshyn-5; Nikayah Bell-6
Discus: Holly Hrynyshyn-2, Layla Mouselli-4; Logan Peevy-3
Triple Jump: Ashley Reed-5, Riley Olson-6; Hailey Hall-3, McCall Snape-5, Jillian Beaman-6
High Jump: Drew Tucker-6; Kaja Burja-5

Thank you, ladies, for your hard work. Congratulations on your victories! Let’s get ready for Heroes on Thursday!