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Game Notes

Football - Varsity
vs Johnson
10/21/2016 7:30

Reagan: 7
Johnson: 0

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11:12 AM It's finally time for the Rattlers to get back to football after the bye week. 6-1, 3-0 Reagan will face Johnson (6-2,3-1) tonight in the 2016 version of "The 281 Rivalry" at Heroes. It has not been much of a rivalry lately as Reagan has had their way with their neighbors for several years. The Jags are coming off their best game of the season, a 42-0 shutout of Lee. The lone district loss was 17-7 to Churchill, the other was an early-season setback to O'Connor 24-8.
11:16 AM Offensively, Reagan has no secrets. Derek Kerstetter & Kyle Brookover anchor a physical group up front that has shown a bit of a nasty demeanor when needed. WE have had a few challenges with stunts and blitz packages, so look for Johnson to bring the kitchen sink tonight. Grant, our size should allow us to handle the Jag DL, but the LB's are rotated in often. JHS has used 6 regular LB's during the season, the one constant being OLB Tanner Reed. He is a solid tackler and stays active each play. Johnson does run a base 3-4, but they will come from a variety of directions...consistently right up the gut on stunts with a blitzing inside backer.
11:22 AM Marquis Duncan's ability to bounce, seemingly wherever he wants at any time he wants will be the Johnson focus. Marquis is averaging 140 yards per game on the ground and will hit the 1,000 yard mark tonight (976). Grant...I have another prediction. Marquis will become well-acquainted with the JHS safeties approximately 10 minutes after kickoff.....if that. Drew Ureste continues to lead the team in receptions and receiving yardage 19-229.
11:25 AM Bormet and TIbbs have combined for over 1,100 yards. J.T. has rushed 19-173 (9.1 yards per carry) and Cade is 58-117, 619 yards in the air. Cade is ready to go after sitting out against Lee before the bye. Rattlers Special Teams (Grant consistently reminds us) are huge for our success. Dimando is averaging 36 yards per punt with a long of 60. Auto-Turner is now 24-24 with PAT's and 9-11 FG's.
11:27 AM Grant....
The D is for REAL. Leading tacklers are Anderson (76), Dimando (68) & Gilliam (64). Between Anderson and Kody Fox, they have 24 TFL's. The secondary has 13 picks this season led by Gilliam (4) and Josh Killeen (3).
11:29 AM No individual stats were available for Johnson. They have scored 24 ppg and hung 41 on Brennan, 35 on Mac & 42 on Lee. However, they managed a combined 15 pts in 2 losses. The Jags might play a freshman a bit at QB tonight. #14 Chandler has seen action this year.
11:31 AM So Grant....The Rattler-D comes out of the bye healthy. I see Johnson having trouble getting to the 24 ppg average. I like our offensive power against this defense.
2:22 PM Paul....this matchup is typical of rivalry games where you can throw the records out with the dishwater!!!! These players all know one another and bragging rights are on the line for the Rattlers and kittens!!!!
2:23 PM Indeed the Rattler D is stout led by D coordinator Coach Hamilton. He's got some talent at all levels on this defense. I'm looking for another outstanding effort tonight.
2:33 PM Reagan will receive. Here we go folks. Gilliam and Puma deep. Kick well into end zone.
2:34 PM Reagan starts with a hand-off to Marquis. Loss of 4, but an illegal formation call on RR on game's first play.
2:35 PM Grant....another blitz package and it is now 3rd and 14.
2:37 PM Paul.....Live by the blitz and die by the blitz!!
2:37 PM No big deal....Marquis for 44. Regional got up the gut. O.K.....I lost the over/under on Marquis and the safeties. It took 1 1/2 minutes.
2:38 PM After three runs by Marquis we find ourselves in a 4th and 3....we will go.
2:39 PM Marquis for 5. First down Reagan.
Kid came to play....
By the way folks, Marquis Duncan is now over 1,000 yards for the season.
2:40 PM Cade airs one out to Drew in 1-1 coverage. Broken-up in the end zone.
2:41 PM After a short run, it's 4th and 5. Turner's 44-yd FG is short and almost blocked. Jags ball.
2:44 PM Time for some Rattler D

Johnson first and ten pops off a nice off tackle play for a gain of 12.

1-10 at the Johnson 39. Three straight negative plays by the RR Defense!!!!

4-22. Gilliam deep.
2:43 PM Fox with the body-slam! That was a WWE move Grant.
2:45 PM Reagan now with the ball after no return at our 30.
Cade starts drive with a keeper for 11.
2:46 PM Reggie with a great block on the outside for Marquis. Reggie pancaked the corner.
Marquis into Jag territory.
2:47 PM Two runs by Duncan create a 3rd and 5. Bounce, squirt, slither.....this kid does it all. First down Reagan after Marquis does it again..
2:48 PM Marquis is abusing the Johnson defense. They've hit him multiple times every play, not a single defender has brought him down solo yet.
First and goal Rattlers from the 10.
2:48 PM Paul....Running game is looking good so far. The O Line is playing very physical tonight.
2:50 PM Timeout RR. Grant...I actually thought it might take a bit longer for our OL to wear down the smaller Jag front. They are killing them right now.
2:51 PM Again Rattler blocking leads the way as Cade takes a designed run to the left for 10 yards and the REAGAN TOUCHDOWN.
PAT is good.
2:52 PM Paul...that might be the key tonight. We look more physical up front and with Marquis that's a big advantage Rattlers.
2:56 PM I agree....solid 1st quarter for Reagan.
2:56 PM Jags 1-10 at their 27....

Pass complete for a first down to the forty. Gilliam on the tackle.

Sweep right for a gain of three. Hog gate with the tackle. Hog gate with another tackle brings up 3-6. End of first quarter. RR 7-0
3:00 PM Jags got the first down and now into RR territory. Rattlers stiffen forcing 3-3 on the RR 41.

Zone read to the right side with QB keeping for the first down. Hoggatt on the stop.
3:00 PM Grant....can you see big Josh is getting held almost each snap?
3:03 PM Jags 1-10 at the RR 36.

Gain of five on 1st. Andersen on the tackle.

2-5.....QB draw for a first down at the RR 17.
3:05 PM No gain on first down. Loss of five on second down brings up a crucial 3-15.
3:07 PM Reagan D HOLDS.

Jags with a FG attempt and its WIDE LEFT!!!!!!!

RR 7-0
3:08 PM Rattlers in business from own 21. Tibbs fakes to Duncan and gains 3.
3:09 PM Another Tibbs keeper out right. 3rd & 2. Should we give it to Marquis?
3:10 PM First down Duncan. Then Marquis is caught for a 4-yard loss on an outside blitz.
3:10 PM Paul....I'll take some ground and pound and score as the half ends. Bear Bryant style!!
3:11 PM 3rd & 11....3-yard pass across the middle to Sthele. Punt Reagan.
3:13 PM I'm sorry, how can anyone with marginal eyesight miss those holdings calls?
3:14 PM Jags at their 20. Need a big stop on this series.

Deep ball on 1-10 is INC.

QB keeper around the right side for a 1-10 at the 31. Zone read again kept by their QB for a 1-10 at their 42.
3:14 PM The Freshman, Chandler, is under center for the Jags.
3:15 PM Killeen on the stop. 2-7.....pass complete for first down at the RR 44.
3:17 PM Fox with a big sack brings up 2-20. Timeout Reagan. Great effort on the play.
3:20 PM Finally two flags go down for a Jags hold.
3:21 PM Lateral pass bobbled but advanced for no gain. 3-20...Holding backs them up further 3-30.......Reagan D stuffs them for a short gain. Jags to punt. Gilliam deep. :25 seconds left.
3:23 PM Killeen just leveled a would-be tackler on the Gilliam punt return. I mean a complete de-cleater.
3:24 PM Reagan runs out the clock on a run by Duncan.
3:27 PM Grant....interesting half. Johnson's offensive scheme is actually impressive. They have attacked our middle backers and have protected the young QB Chandler throughout the 2nd qtr.
3:27 PM Paul....that was an old fashioned SLOBBER KNOCKER!!!!!
3:28 PM I still look for Reagan to wear down the Jags in 2nd half. We will be kicking to start the third. Our defense has been on the field quite a bit.
3:29 PM The Jags are in this solely on the skills of that freshman QB. He's been really good in the zone read game and making things happen with his feet.
3:46 PM I agree, he's solid for a 14-yr old.
3:52 PM Second Half.....Here we GO!!

RR to kick
3:54 PM Grant....odd that Ogbanna is not in the game to start the 2nd half?
3:57 PM Jags 1-10 at their 14....QB keeper for 12 negated by Holding.

Dimando on the stop. 2-8.....another penalty on the Jags 2-13....

Fox on the tackle..3-12......Fox and Ese on the stop. Jags to punt. Gilliam deep.
3:58 PM Gilliam deep...ball dies on Rattler 49. Great starting field position for Reagan.
3:58 PM Paul...we will keep an I on that.
3:59 PM Bormet with a keeper for 2. Jags stacking the box.
4:00 PM Bormet to Sthele for 5. Marquis takes third down handoff for a first down.
4:01 PM Fumble by Bormet. Jags recover and field position advantage switches to Johnson.
4:02 PM What a hit by Kyle Anderson!
4:02 PM Heck of a deep pass by Chandler for an INC....brings up 2-10. Short gain for two. 3-8 QB keeper but runs into IRON Andersen for no gain. Jags to punt.
4:03 PM Gilliam deep and fields punt but stopped quickly after 1 yard.
Reagan from own 31.
4:04 PM Marquis almost broke that first down run. Gain of 8.
4:05 PM Holding Reagan, now 2nd and 13.
4:06 PM Marquis continues to get us out of trouble. 3rd and 3.
4:07 PM Duncan stopped short after almost getting stopped for a 5 yard loss. He can't do it all by himself Grant. Punt Reagan.
4:09 PM Jags 1-10 at their 37...

Zone read QB keeps off left side for gain of 2.

2-8....Killeen and Andersen on the stop for a loss.

3-10....pass deep and broken up by the entire secondary.

Jags to punt.
4:09 PM Paul....time to dominate!! Need a score here.
4:10 PM Wow....another key 3 & out from the defense.
Reagan ball after short punt at own 36.
4:11 PM Penalty on Johnson. Now 1st and 5 at our 41.
4:12 PM Duncan again goes wide-right for 9, but Reagan held again.
4:13 PM Grant, I'm surprised. This Jag defense is playing well. Our OL and lead blockers have their hands full.
4:15 PM Bormet for 10 as he barely escapes right DE. Holding again on Reagan. Spot foul makes it 1st and 13.
4:16 PM Bormet incompletion brings up 3rd and 6. Middle run-blitz is perfect call against a draw to Marquis. Reagan punt.
4:15 PM These penalties aren't helping either. This is a big 3-7 coming up.
4:17 PM Dimando with a good punt. Downed by Johns.

Jags 1-10 at their 27.
4:19 PM Still RR 7-0.

Two short gains brings up 3-5....end of the third quarter.
4:19 PM Who wants it more????
4th quarter starting at Heroes.
4:21 PM Chandler with a completion for a first down. Carries the ball again for a first down at the RR 45.

This kid is good tonight.
4:23 PM Jeez, can I his defense come up any bigger tonight?
4:23 PM 2-6....QB gives on the zone read. Fox on the stop. 3-2.....Ese with the stop. 4-1... Jags going for it......QB keeps it and is BLOWN UP by the Rattlers D.
4:24 PM C' mon O! Marquis for 4 on 1st.
4:25 PM Cade for 2. It is 3rd and 4....Marquis is strung out to the right and the Rattler O goes three and out.
4:26 PM Short punt puts Jags on offense at their own 36.
4:26 PM Can't keep giving Johnson a short field.

Jags 1-10 at their 35.

QB draw gains two.

4:28 PM Incomplete on 2-8. Another deep pass attempt is broken up Gilliam and a host of RATTLERS.
4:29 PM Defense holds again. Let's go score!!!!
4:29 PM Grant....that was our MLB Dimando, going stride for stride with the all-district WR McDuffie. Defense again!!!
4:30 PM Marquis takes two quick handoffs up the middle. 3rd and 2.
4:31 PM Marquis gets a first down.
4:32 PM Marquis takes sweep right for 14. Tanner Reed grabs a shoelace to stop a long TD.
4:32 PM Paul..thanks for the assist. The entire D is playing their tails off.
4:33 PM It's safe to say, Duncan will most likely get the ball every play. 3 consecutive handoffs to Marquis result in another 1st down.
4:33 PM I like this drive. 2:09 left in the game. We are inside field goal range.
4:34 PM Rattlers on Jag 26. Marquis to the 22.
4:35 PM Cade keeper right. That was 9-straight plays that went to Duncan before the Bormet run. Now 3rd and 2 from Jag 13.
4:36 PM Timeout Johnson.
4:37 PM It is now 4th down Reagan...and inches.
4:38 PM Reagan on Jag 11. 4th down, 1:21 left.
4:39 PM Reagan will go.....Marquis gets a first down. Tic, tic tic......
4:41 PM Johnson can stop the clock only if nice more. The Rattlers will go to 7-1, 4-0 in 26-6A. What a incredible defensive effort tonight.
4:42 PM Tic, tic, tic....
4:42 PM Rivalry game in the books. Rattlers WIN!!