Varsity Boys Golf tie for 4th at Fall Preview

September 29, 2014

The Reagan Boys Varsity Golf Team tied for 4th place at the Fall Preview at the Wolfdancer Golf Club in Bastrop, Texas September 26-27 against 14 other schools around the region! Way to go guys! Check out our gallery of images around the site.

Golf is not only a game of precision, but requires the golfer to be in excellent athletic condition to carry a 40lb bag of 14 golf clubs over the equivalent length of 70 football fields, up and down hills! Not to mention the mental toughness required to hit a 1 1/2″ ball into a 4″ hole 18 times in a row, from various distances. (Don’t forget you get to carry your own food and water for the 5 hour round because no carts are allowed in high school golf!)

But if you ask anyone on the golf team if it’s hard to practice every day, have strenuous athletic workouts twice a week, all while strategizing, planning and performing as part of the Reagan Golf Team, they’ll all tell you they couldn’t do it without great coaches.

So! Today we tip our visors and give a tiny golf clap to Coach Mac and Coach Ashley for building character, integrity, and mental toughness into our Reagan golfers! Thanks!