Reagan Aquatics Team Wins Fall Invitational!

The Reagan Aquatics team won 1st Place in combined scoring at today’s 2019 AAHSSL Fall Invitational.  Overall, Reagan was the Champion at 296 points to 2nd Place Johnson at 245.5 points.  Individually, the Men’s team placed 1st with 165 points, with Johnson placing 2nd with 105.5 points.  The Women’s team placed 2nd with 126 points to Johnson’s 1st place score of 140 points.   Reagan’s Top-8 finishes are below.

Women’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay: Addie Bishop, Margo Dunn, Natalia Robles-Basalo, Olivia Hernandez – 1st
200 Yard Freestyle:  Joisset Hernandez – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley: Olivia Hernandez – 2nd; Addie Bishop – 5th
50 Yard Freestyle: Lea Nader – 3rd; Natalia Robles-Basalo – 6th; Caroline Lilly – 7th
100 Yard Individual Medley: Natalia Robles-Basalo – 7th
100 Yard Butterfly: Caroline Lilly – 7th
50 Yard Breaststroke: Lea Nader – 2nd; Sydney Erales – 6th
100 Yard Freestyle: Paloma De La Garza – 2nd
500 Yard Freestyle: Caroline Lilly – 8th
200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Maria Viramontes, Caroline Lilly, Natalia Robles-Basalo, Addie Bishop – 2nd;  Lea Nader, Joisset Hernandez, Ana Martinez-Barbour, Margo Dunn – 3rd
100 Yard Backstroke: Natalia Robles-Basalo – 4th; Addie Bishop – 6th
50 Yard Butterfly: Ana Martinez-Barbour – 3rd; Joisset Hernandez – 7th
100 Yard Breaststroke: Paloma De La Garza – 2nd; Olivia Hernandez – 6th
400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Olivia Hernandez, Lea Nader, Paloma De La Garza, Caroline Lilly – 1st; Ana Martinez-Barbour, Paige Lilly, Joisset Hernandez, Sydney Erales – 5th

Men’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Andros Trevino, Adrian Langley, Kai Roybal, Estevan Munoz – 1st; Nikolai Nelson, Caden Mulligan, Tiago Jimenez, Owen Barrett – 5th; Ryan Woehrle, Ishan Gune, Santiago Viramontes, Santiago Robles-Basalo – 7th
200 Yard Freestyle:  Mark Shenouda – 1st; Len Ray – 2nd; Kai Roybal – 6th
50 Yard Backstroke: Tiago Jimenez – 6th
200 Yard Individual Medley: Len Ray – 2nd; Ryan Woehrle – 3rd; Santiago Robles-Basalo – 4th; Jacob Clarkson – 6th; Micah Morton – 7th
50 Yard Freestyle: Nikolai Nelson – 4th; Estevan Munoz – 6th
100 Yard Individual Medley:  Mark Shenouda – 4th
100 Yard Butterfly: Mark Shenouda – 2nd; Santiago Viramontes – 3rd; Andros Trevino – 4th; Ryan Woehrle – 8th
50 Yard Breaststroke: Ishan Gune – 5th
100 Yard Freestyle: Harold Christiansen – 6th
500 Yard Freestyle: Santiago Robles-Basalo – 4th
200 Yard Freestyle Relay: Mark Shenouda, Kai Roybal, Harold Christiansen, Jacob Clarkson – 2nd; Len Ray, Adrian Langely, Ishan Gune, Ryan Woehrle – 4th; Andros Trevino, Travis Barton, Nikolai Nelson, Dawson Wheeler – 6th
100 Yard Backstroke: Len Ray – 1st; Ryan Woehrle – 2nd; Estevan Munoz – 3rd
100 Yard Breaststroke: Adrian Langley – 5th
400 Yard Freestyle Relay: Mark Shenouda, Travis Barton, Tiago Jimenez, Harold Christiansen – 1st; Len Ray, Santiago Robles-Basalo, Jacob Clarkson, Estevan Munoz – 2nd; Santiago Viramontes, Owen Barrett, Micah Morton, Dawson Wheeler – 8th

Nice job Rattlers!