Rattler Wrestlers to take on The CyFair Invitational

Today Reagan Varsity Boys and Girls head to the Berry Center in Cypress, TX to participate in the largest High School Varsity meet in the Nation.  Over 80 Teams will compete on 16 mats on Friday and Saturday, January 7-8.  Thought of by many as a preview of the UIL State Tournament, CyFair returns in 2022 after being Covid-cancelled in 2021.

Your Boys’ Rattler Line-up:
106# FRESHMAN MAX PECHMAN: The youngest on Varsity, Pechman is 12-7 for the year with 4 pins.
113# SOPHOMORE CONNOR O’BRIEN.  His second year on Varsity and his first trip to the Berry Center, O’Brien is 17-7 for the year with 6 pins.
120# SOPHOMORE BRYCE WHITETHORN.  A recent transfer from Minnesota, this will be B. Whitethorn’s first TX Varsity test since UIL approval.  He is 10-0 with 7 pins since his move.
126# SOPHOMORE BRAEDON MONTGOMERY.  Montgomery is 7-8 for the year with 5 pins.
132# JUNIOR GAGE PFEIFER.  Pfeifer is an even 6-6 for the year with 4 pins.
138# JUNIOR CAPTAIN JIMMY BENNE.  A 3rd year Letterman, Benne heads into his second CyFair with a 22-2 record with 16 pins.
145# SENIOR MAVERICK WHITETHORN.  Also a recent Minnesota transplant, this will be M. Whitethorn’s second TX Varsity event.  He has a 10-0 record with 8 pins.
152# JUNIOR CAPTAIN NATHAN ALMAGUER.  Almaguer holds a 20-7 record with an impressive 17 pins.
160# SENIOR ARTHUR MAYO.  Mayo is 11-13 for the year with 8 pins.
170# SENIOR PARKER MILLER.  Miller is 5-8 for the year with 4 pins.
182# SENIOR CAPTAIN MALEAK-MCGLASSON BRUNSON.  McGlasson-Brunson is 12-9 for the year with 9 pins.
195# JUNIOR NATHAN CRAWFORD.  Crawford is 13-7 for the year with 10 pins.
220# JUNIOR SAWYER PEEVY.  A 3rd year Letterman, Peevy heads into the weekend with a 13-3 record with 8 pins.
285# JUNIOR JACK CONNOLLY.  Connoly is 8-7 for the year with 5 pins.

Your Girls’ Rattler Line-up:
110# SOPHOMORE AMERICA RODRIGUEZ.  Rodriguez heads into the weekend with a 7-11 record with 5 pins.
119# FRESHMAN KAYLA BAKER.  The youngest on Varsity, Baker is 7-8 on the year with 3 pins.
128# JUNIOR ELLA GRANSBERRY.  Gransberry holds a 16-8 record with 12 pins.
138# SOPHOMORE KATE RODRIGUEZ.  Rodriguez continues to learn and heads to Cypress with a 3-16 record with 3 pins.
148# SOPHOMORE BREE HOPKINS.  Hopkins has a 1-6 record for the year with 1 pin.
165# JUNIOR CAPTAIN PARIS GONZALEZ.  Gonzalez holds a 17-8 record with 15 pins.

Let’s go Rattlers!  #StrikeEm #WeAreReagan #GrowTXWrestling