Rattler Golfers Win Inaugural Event

December 3, 2017

GEORGETOWN, TX- The Reagan Rattlers and Smithson Valley Rangers inaugurated The Town & Country Showdown here on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2. Each school brought 12 players to the match, six girls and six boys. The event was organized into 12 matches per day in stroke-play. If a player wins his/her match, a point is awarded to the school. In the case of a tie, each school wins 1/2 point. Reagan won the event with a final tally of 16 1/2 points. Congratulations to the Rattler golf team!

Day One (Legacy Hills Golf Club)

GIRLS: Romina Gonzalez 76 (Won), Kinsey Ray 82 (Won), Michelle Becker 78 (Won), Megan Sells 82 (Won), Kaylee Cruz 92 (Lost), Roberta Gonzalez 104 (Loss)

BOYS: Christian Hansen 78 (Won), Raul Gutierrez 77 (Won), Grant Gallion 83 (Lost), Travis Folkes 90 (Lost), Bennett Kumbalek 78 (Won), Tyler Stevens 92 (Lost)

Day Two (Cowan Creek Golf Club)

GIRLS: Romina Gonzalez 76 (Won), Kinsey Ray 78 (Won), Michelle Becker 73 (Won), Megan Sells 77 (Won), Kaylee Cruz 90 (Won), Roberta Gonzalez 99 (No opponent)

BOYS: Christian Hansen 83 (Lost), Raul Gutierrez 76 (Won), Grant Gallion 84 (Won), Travis Folkes 80 (Tie), Bennett Kumbalek 75 (Won), Tyler Stevens 84 (Won)

Town & Country Showdown