Rattler Aquatics Defeats Alamo Heights

December 5, 2020

Congratulations to the Aquatics team for a dominating performance as they defeated Alamo Heights in today’s dual meet.  Both the Men’s and Women’s team won, with a combined score of 391 to 162.  Top 3 finishes are below:

Women’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Addie Bishop, Yara Olsen, Lea Nader, Leyna Zorn – 1st; Julia Street, Paige Lilly, Ella Barrus, Presley Boles – 3rd
200 Yard Freestyle: Caroline Lilly – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley: Kaylee Coffey – 1st; Xaviera Salas Gomez – 2nd; Yara Olsen – 3rd
50 Yard Freestyle:  Morgan Bartley – 1st
100 Yard Butterfly:  Kaylee Coffey – 1st; Lea Nader – 2nd
100 Yard Freestyle:  Morgan Bartley – 1st; Caroline Lilly – 2nd
500 Yard Freestyle:  Ella Burrus – 2nd; Presley Boles – 3rd
200 Yard Free Relay:  Morgan Bartley, Xaviera Salas Gomez, Caroline Lilly, Kaylee Coffey – 1st; Sophia Christiansen, Kaili Cuenca, Ella Barrus, Leyna Zorn – 3rd
100 Yard Backstroke:  Lea Nader – 1st; Xaviera Salas Gomez – 2nd; Addie Bishop – 3rd
400 Yard Free Relay:  Morgan Bartley, Caroline Lilly, Lea Nader, Kaylee Coffey – 1st; Addie Bishop, Presley Boles, Sophia Christiansen, Xaviera Salas Gomez – 3rd

Men’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Andros Trevino, Kevin Cai, Len Ray, Luke Prior – 1st; Santiago Robles Basalo, Micah Morton, Owen Barrett, Elijah Amposta  – 2nd
200 Yard Freestyle: Nikolai Nelson – 1st; Ricky Rodriguez – 2nd; Nicolas Ortiz – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley:  Kevin Cai – 1st; Noah Ott – 2nd; Owen Barrett – 3rd
50 Yard Freestyle:  Len Ray – 1st; Chris Partipilo – 2nd
100 Yard Butterfly:  Luke Prior – 1st
100 Yard Freestyle:  Ricky Rodriguez – 1st; Chris Partipilo – 2nd; Noah Ott – 3rd
500 Yard Freestyle:  Santiago Robles Basalo – 1st; Nicolas Ortiz – 2nd
200 Yard Free Relay:  Len Ray, Kevin Cai, Chris Partipilo, Luke Prior – 1st; Andros Trevino, Noah Ott, Rickey Rodriguez, Nikolai Nelson – 2nd; Ryan Woehrle, Santiago Viramontes, Nicolas Ortiz, Tiago Jimenez – 3rd
100 Yard Backstroke:  Nikolai Nelson – 1st; Andros Trevino – 2nd; Owen Barrett – 3rd
100 Yard Breaststroke:  Kevin Cai – 1st; Len Ray – 2nd; Luke Prior – 3rd
400 Yard Free Relay:  Ricky Rodriguez, Chris Partipilo, Nikolai Nelson, Noah Ott – 1st; Owen Barrett, Ryan Woehrle, Santiago Robles Basalo, Nicolas Ortiz – 2nd

Congrats Rattlers!