Join today to be listed in the All Sports Program

Become a member of the Diamondbackers Sports Association by August 15th and you’ll be listed as a member in the Reagan All Sports Program and receive the new Membership gifts listed below! In addition, you’ll also be eligible to win some additional Rattler prizes!   CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!

Here are the new Membership gifts for each level:

Diamond Membership: $500 and receive a 30 oz. Yeti black with 20th Anniversary logo + gifts for Platinum, Silver and Rattler levels
Platinum Membership: $250 and receive a monogrammed plush blanket+ gifts for Silver and Rattler levels
Silver Membership: $150 and receive an RR Chrome Auto Emblem + gift for Rattler level
Rattler Membership: $75 and receive assorted Reagan vinyl stickers
Green Membership: $35 and receive assorted Reagan vinyl stickers

Membership gifts and prizes can be picked up at Rattler Round Up at the Diamondbackers tables.  Winners for the additional Reagan prizes will be announced on

Strike ’em Rattlers!