Have a Reagan Football Player?

August 6, 2017

August 6, 2017.  Have a Reagan Football player? Don’t forget to attend the mandatory football parent meeting on Thursday, August 10th.  You don’t want to miss this meeting! You will do the following:

  • Hear from Coach Hamilton
  • Pick up Parent Gear
  • Pick up Player Gear orders from BSN
  • Pick up Discount Cards to sell – please bring your checkbook.
  • Buy your Schedule T Shirt if you haven’t already and would like one
  • Sign up for Diamondbacker Membership – or click here to sign up now
  • Visit the Football Mom Table – we will help you with PTAvenue and you can pay the operation fee and photography fees if you haven’t already. We will have a checklist of things you need to make sure you have done in PTAvenue to help us and you!

Freshman parents will meet at 5:00PM in the team room.

Sophomore, Junior and Senior parents will meet at 6:30PM in the team room.

Parent/player gear distribution will be in the Hallway of Champions located outside of the team room.  You may arrive 30 minutes prior to your meeting time to pick up your gear. The meetings will be in the team room. Please bring your checkbook and a credit card.

Strike’em Rattlers!