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Game Notes

Soccer - JV - Girls
vs MacArthur
1/20/2021 04:30

Reagan: 7
MacArthur: 0

Live Feed
Added At Note
4:56 PM Game against Mac about to kick off.
4:56 PM Game on! Let’s do this ladies! Strike em!
4:59 PM Cami through ball to Kate then to Courtney but defender blocks pass
4:59 PM Brooke forces save. Earns corner
5:01 PM Taylor shoots! She scores! 1-0!
5:02 PM Taylor Courtney combo but Courtney’s shot deflected out for corner
5:03 PM Hailey shot side then Jadis shot over
5:03 PM Brooke shot but crosses end line
5:09 PM Brooke with fancy footwork and a pass to Taylor, who makes it 2-0!