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Game Notes

Soccer - Varsity - Girls
vs Madison
2/23/2021 07:00

Reagan: 0
Madison: 0

Live Feed
Added At Note
7:07 PM Game vs Madison about to kick off. 2 minutes to game time!
7:10 PM Starting lineups being announced.
7:14 PM Game on! Strike em!
7:25 PM Madison free kick at midfield. Easily cleared.
7:26 PM Taylor fouled at midfield
7:27 PM Brooke to Tay but shot high
7:28 PM Taylor earns corner
7:29 PM Emma shot but cleared out
7:29 PM Emma long left-footed shot but just high
7:32 PM Courtney to Taylor and beat everyone but shot high
7:33 PM Courtney pass forward but a little too far
7:36 PM Kate and Tay combine but keep just gets there first
7:37 PM Jadis to Tay and shot blocked out for corner but ref calls goal kick. Reagan fans upset
7:38 PM Taylor gets away and fouled from behind. Mavs get yellow
7:39 PM Hannah taking free kick
7:41 PM Brooke earns corner
7:44 PM Kate spins her man for shot but keep grabs it
7:45 PM Kate cross to Jadis but keep snuffs out asvance
7:46 PM Taylor fouled twice. Ref calls second one only
7:46 PM Cami taking free kick
7:46 PM Jadis shot just over
7:47 PM Brooke keeping pressure on
7:49 PM Lots of activity in front of goal
7:50 PM Tay run but cross goes out
7:51 PM Kate collides with Mav player. Ref sees it as a foul on Kate and gives her a yellow.
7:52 PM Mav player is back up and seems okay
7:56 PM Mav shoves Kala to ground. No call. Kala being helped off. Hopefully okay
7:57 PM Ref calls mystery foul at mid field
7:57 PM Madison free kick well defended and Jenica grabs it
7:57 PM Madison shot and Jenica save
7:58 PM Hannah shot high
8:00 PM Courtney shoved to ground. No call.
8:01 PM Halftime and still tied at 0-0
8:13 PM Second half is on. Let’s do this ladies!
8:13 PM Good combo but Courtney shot wide
8:14 PM Tay shot forces save
8:16 PM Brooke earns corner
8:17 PM Tay shot blocked
8:20 PM Kate with good run and cross to Tay but shot just over
8:21 PM Jadis shot but keep gets it
8:23 PM Tay forces save
8:27 PM Tay shot wide
8:30 PM Brooke cross but no one home
8:30 PM Mav corner
8:32 PM Good effort ended with Courtney shot just high
8:32 PM Finally a call in our favor. Brooke fouled
8:33 PM Cami great free kick. Tay header just wide
8:34 PM Kate with take away & shot at sharp angle just off.
8:35 PM Tay forces save
8:39 PM Jadis to Tay & out for corner
8:39 PM Hailey heads it wide
8:42 PM Brooke mowed down. No call
8:43 PM Tay fouled hard
8:44 PM Tay pass to Kate but header just wide
8:47 PM Tay shot wide
8:49 PM Madison corner
8:53 PM No score. Tie 0-0