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Game Notes

Soccer - Varsity - Girls
vs MacArthur
1/19/2021 05:00

Reagan: 8
MacArthur: 0

Live Feed
Added At Note
5:12 PM Brooke cross to Taylor. Taylor fouled in box.
5:13 PM Brooke taking PK. And she scores.3-0!
5:15 PM Brooke through ball to Courtney but shot wide
5:17 PM Courtney earns corner
5:18 PM Cami with a beautiful long shot to upper 90! 4-0!
5:19 PM Jadis shot. Forces save
5:22 PM Carolyn earns corner
5:23 PM Brooke and Carolyn combine but Brooke shot high
5:30 PM Hannah with steal and shot just wide
5:31 PM Carolyn earns corner
5:33 PM Mariah SOG and Carolyn almost beats keeper to it
5:37 PM Carolyn hustles and tangles with keep
5:39 PM Sky shot hits post then Hannah shot blocked then Carolyn scores! A buzzer beater! 5-0!
5:49 PM Start of second half. Let’s do this ladies!
5:50 PM Combo ending with Cami SOG but high
5:52 PM Taylor with juggle and volley and SOG but keep gets it
5:53 PM Cami SOG that keep saves. Kate rebound wide
5:53 PM Tay SOG just wide
5:55 PM Jadis shoots and beats keep making it 6-0!
5:56 PM Tay to Brooke and another goal! 7-0
6:04 PM Ava earns corner
6:06 PM Emily grabs long Mac free kick
6:14 PM Micky with cross across face of goal. Katie keeps it in. Katie to Kendall Jones with long strike and GOAL! 8-0!
6:27 PM 8-0 final. Way to go ladies!