Divers Compete at Winter Invitational

January 7, 2022 – The Rattler Divers competed in their final regular season meet at the Winter Invitational this evening against divers from 14 other San Antonio and surrounding area high schools.

Among the women divers, freshman Caroline Holcomb placed 4th with 360.95 points, junior Andrea Palacios placed 5th with 317.95 points, freshman Andie Torres placed 15th with 206.85 points and freshman Narya Chiuminatto placed 16th with 201.85 points.

Our senior men also placed well in the men’s diving category. Senior Marcel Mateos-Salles placed 3rd with 538.20 points and senior Simon Dean placed 5th with 401.65 points.

Great job on the boards tonight Rattlers!