Yes the snow is over but the gifts are still waiting and we still need your support!

Attention all Reagan Rattler supporters!  The DBSA needs your membership more than ever to ensure that our athletes have the tools necessary to compete at the highest levels.  Please consider joining the Diamondbackers Sports Association for the 2020-2021 school year and support all of our Rattler sports teams!  We are currently at 266 members and have surpassed last years record of 250.  Let’s keep it rolling!

Current and new members who have not picked up their gifts can stop by the baseball parking lot on campus (closest to the Huebner gate) on Tuesday, February 23rd and Thursday February 25th from 3:00-4:30pm.  Every level has gifts attached so please come pick them up – we have several people who are still missing their gifts!


Green – $35: Assorted vinyl stickers
Rattler – $75: Custom Pura Vida bracelet and Green level gift
Silver – $150: RR Chrome Auto Emblem and all previous level gifts
Platinum – $250: Custom Reagan Beach Towel and all previous level gifts
Diamond – $500: 32oz. Custom Reagan-themed Hydroflask water bottle and all previous level gifts

All membership registrations will be recognized on RattlerSports.com.

The DBSA is a 501(c)(3) organization that assists all sports at Reagan High School and covers additional needs of the programs to compete at the highest levels. Your membership contributes to the purchases of items such as uniforms, varsity banquet athlete fees, essential equipment, tournament fees, transportation costs, and facility improvements to name a few. Memberships can be purchased for as little as $35.

The DBSA invites you to expand your support of Reagan Athletics and become a member today!!!

CLICK HERE: https://rattlersports.com/join