How do you view a half-filled glass of water?

For wrestlers it can be a little more complicated as they have to manage their weight for the pre-season UIL Hydration test and for the multiple weigh-ins throughout the Season.  Tonight at 7pm at Blossom Athletic Center each athlete will learn how much weight they can cut per week throughout the Season based on their current weight, their current hydration, and their current body fat.  The UIL hydration test makes sure High School Athletes do not cut to an unhealthy weight for competition.

Weight management is a huge part of wrestling life – maintaining a healthy weight where you are also competitive on the mat is not easy and often involves fasting, water loading and extra workouts to make weight.  “What matters is feeling strong at the weight class you compete at,” Senior Captain Addison Garcia said.  “You want to be able to perform to the best of your ability.”

“Our wrestlers have been working hard on the mat and in the weight room in preparation for the upcoming season,” Head Coach Paul Miller said.  “Tonight’s test will let them know what weight classes they can compete in and allow the Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls and JV line ups be formed.”  Once the weight class is established, the athletes will ‘wrestle-off’ to earn their spot on the roster.  “We will have our best wrestlers ready to represent Reagan High School in competition,” Miller said.

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