Rattler Aquatics Team Finishes Regular Season Undefeated!

Today, both the Reagan Aquatics’ Women’s and Men’s swimming team won their Tri-Meet, competing against District competitors Madison and LEE, completing their regular season undefeated!  With combined scores, Reagan scored 226 points, to Madison’s 84 and LEE’s 18.

Reagan’s Top 3 finishes are below:

Women’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Addie Bishop, Yara Olsen, Nina Barrus, Kaili Cuenca – 1st; Leyna Zorn, Clara Evans, Ana Martinez-Barbour, Presley Boles – 2nd
200 Yard Freestyle:  Ella Barrus – 1st; Joisset Hernandez – 2nd; Addie Bishop – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley:  Olivia Hernandez – 1st; Julia Street – 2nd; Clara Evans – 3rd
50 Yard Freestyle: Ana Martinez-Barbour – 1st; Nina Barrus – 2nd; Presley Boles – 3rd
100 Yard Butterfly: Nina Barrus – 1st; Paige Lilly – 2nd; Presley Boles – 3rd
100 Yard Freestyle:  Yara Olsen – 2nd; Ana Martinez-Barbour – 3rd
500 Yard Freestyle:  Paige Lilly – 1st; Addie Bishop – 2nd; Joisset Hernandez – 3rd
200 Yard Freestyle Relay:  Olivia Hernandez, Leyna Zorn, Julia Street, Joisset Hernandez – 1st; Paige Lilly, Ella Barrus, Presley Boles, Clara Evans – 2nd
100 Yard Backstroke: Ella Barrus – 1st; Leyna Zorn – 2nd
100 Yard Breaststroke:  Yara Olsen – 2nd; Olivia Hernandez – 3rd
400 Yard Freestyle Relay:  Paige Lilly, Julia Street, Nina Barrus, Addie Bishop – 1st; Yara Olsen, Ella Barrus, Olivia Hernandez, Kaili Cuenca – 2nd

Men’s Highlights

200 Yard Medley Relay:  Andros Trevino, Ishan Gune, Santiago Viramontes, Chris Partipilo – 1st; Luke Gonzalez, Carson Doderer, Tiago Jimenez, Dawson Wheeler – 3rd
200 Yard Freestyle:  Carson Doderer – 2nd; Declan Staunton – 3rd
200 Yard Individual Medley:  Elijah Amposta – 2nd; Ishan Gune – 3rd
50 Yard Freestyle: Tiago Jimenez – 2nd; Andros Trevino – 3rd
100 Yard Butterfly: Elijah Amposta – 2nd; Santiago Viramontes – 3rd
100 Yard Freestyle: Chris Partipilo – 1st; Tiago Jimenez – 2nd
500 Yard Freestyle: Micah Morton – 1st; Carson Doderer – 2nd
200 Yard Freestyle Relay:  Elijah Amposta, Micah Morton, Dawson Wheeler, Declan Staunton – 2nd
100 Yard Backstroke: Andros Trevino – 1st; Chris Partipilo – 3rd
100 Yard Breaststroke: Ishan Gune – 2nd; Micah Morton – 3rd
400 Yard Freestyle Relay:  Andros Trevino, Tiago Jimenez, Elijah Amposta, Chris Partipilo – 1st; Micah Morton, Carson Doderer, Ishan Gune, Santiago Viramontes – 3rd

The Aquatics swimming and diving team will compete next at the 26-6A District Championship meet on January 22, 2021 at the Walker Pool (swimming) and Davis Pool (diving).  Come support our talented athletes for another winning champs season!

Great regular season Rattlers!