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Game Notes

Football - Varsity
vs Roosevelt
11/4/2016 7:30

Reagan: 49
Roosevelt: 21

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11:04 AM Your District 26-6A Champion Reagan Rattlers (8-1, 5-0) will conclude the regular season tonight against Roosevelt (4-5, 2-3). After a 4th-stright district crown, RRHS will look to finish off 26-6A undefeated.
11:05 AM Roosevelt has been close well into the 4th quarter of 2 of their 3 district losses and was leading Johnson until a miracle hook & ladder at the end of the game. They did, however, lose 44-14 to Madison.
11:08 AM Marquis Duncan has dominated this district. He leads 26-6A in rushing (1300 yards), TD's (19) and overall scoring (114). Roosevelt's QB (#6) Bryson Carroll is #2 in most offensive categories. He is behind Duncan in both rushing yards and overall scoring and is 3rd in the district in passing yards.
11:11 AM But....This RRHS defense is humbling most opponents. Top-level players have struggled to perform against this unit all season. Kyle Anderson, Leighton Dimando & Spencer Gilliam all rank in the top-5 in tackles in 26-6A. Grant...look for the defense to figure Carroll as a final challenge and a tune-up for the playoffs. I am guessing Coach Hamilton will be disguising some blitz packages and movement up-front tonight.
11:15 AM Here is a quick playoff update for Rattler fans....Reagan will play Austin Westlake in bi-district. The game will be at Heroes next Friday at 7:30p. Texas Football.com says Madison will play Lake Travis and Johnson and Churchill will be headed to the D-II bracket with either Vandergriff or Leander. Unless something very odd happens tonight, that is how next week will shape-up.
11:16 AM Also....Here's a shout-out to Derek Kerstetter. This week Derek had the jersey presentation for his selection to play in the U.S. Army All-American game. A well-deserved honor for a great player and great kid.
11:17 AM Let's get it on....Strike'em Rattlers.
1:49 PM Paul, The District Champion Reagan Rattlers will be looking to continue their winning ways tonight against a talented Roosevelt team which has been close to pulling off a big upset in 26-6A.
1:51 PM A fast start tonight in all phases of the game would be a great way to put Roosevelt away early and rest up some starters in preparation for next weeks battle with Austin Westlake.
1:55 PM This is one of the bigger O Lines we've faced this year on D. The Roosevelt offense can be electric at times. They average over 240 across the front five.
2:13 PM Good points Grant. We need this size OL with what we will see next week without a doubt.
2:28 PM Another perfect night for Rattler football. Reagan will kick to start the game.
2:34 PM And here we go!!!!!!!

Riders 1-10 on their 24. A snap before the QB was ready and the Rattler D swarms to the ball. Loss of 18.

2:35 PM Nothing like a -18 yard start for the mighty Rattler defense Grant!
2:37 PM 2-28. Zone read gains 6. Brings up third and 3-22. Screen to the right side gains three. Riders to punt. Gilliam deep to receive.
2:40 PM Gilliam deep....Spencer drops punt, picks it up and Lucas Eatman lays a de-cleater and Gilliam takes it to the TR 3 yard line. What a block by Lucas....First and goal Reagan.
2:38 PM How about that special team play!!!!
2:41 PM Marquis up the gut behind KB for a Reagan TD.
PAT is good. 7-0 Rattlers.
Quick start indeed....
2:40 PM Fast start Paul for Special Teams!!

Rattlers to kick up 7-0 n
2:44 PM Kick is out of bounds.

Riders 1-10 at their 30. False start sets up 1-15. Sloppy start for Roosevelt.

Sweep to left side nets 5. 2-10. They try it again and Andersen on the tackle.

3-5 and Big 99 on the stop. 4-2. Riders to punt.
2:45 PM Sierra for 7 on first down from the Reagan 37.
2:46 PM Cade to Drew for 10.
2:47 PM Sierra gets loose and Cade throws a perfect ball down the center on a post-route. Puma dropped at TR 10.
2:49 PM After a run for no gain, loss of 6 by Marquis as TR defense called perfect blitz for outside stretch. It will be 3rd and goal from the 11.
2:48 PM Paul, Riders crowding the box to stop Marquis left the middle wide open. No deep safety. Great play call.
2:50 PM Cade on designed keeper goes left and cuts up perfectly into the end zone. 6 plays 70 yards.....it's beginning to look like last week.
PAT is good...14-0
2:52 PM That fast start in all three phases has been perfect so far.
2:53 PM Gilliam with a great hit on the kickoff. These Rattlers are ready to play.
2:56 PM Not that we wanted to witness it, but they seem to have some serious speed on offense.
2:56 PM Riders 1-10 at their 32. RB up the middle for five.

Riders bust a long run up the left side and score. That's what these guys have that keeps them in the game.

RR 14 Riders 7
2:57 PM They do have SPEED!!
2:57 PM Puma and Garcia deep. Short kick taken by Carrington all the way out to the Reagan 48.
2:58 PM Penalty makes it 1st & 15. Marquis gets 7 back. Punishing defenders on the way.
2:59 PM Bormet's pass incomplete. 3rd and 6.
3:00 PM Cade scrambles right. Sierra keeps working and Cade finds him for a gain of 18.
3:01 PM Sierra takes ball right for 3. Marquis takes next play for 6 and its 3rd and 1.
3:02 PM Duncan behind KB again...1st down.
Marquis then takes first down handoff right and squeezes through the little bit of daylight he needs and it's 1st and goal from the 3.
3:03 PM Marquis to the 1/2 yard line.
3:04 PM It's another touchdown for Marquis Duncan. PAT is good and it is now 21-7 Reagan.
3:08 PM Riders 1-10 at their 30. Killeen on the stop nets 2.

2-8.....tough run up the middle by Fox and Staffier.

3-2....nice run by Roosevelt gets the first.

1-10 at the Reagan 44.
3:10 PM QB keeper for 2. Eatman on the tackle.

2-8...Great tackle by Dimando for a loss of one.

3-9....deep duck thrown and intercepted by Hoggatt!!!!
3:12 PM Reagan from own 29. I heard Bobby Cogburn say "No safety in middle". Just like before....no help deep against Puma is a poor strategy. Cade throws another perfect strike for 71 yards and yet another Rattler TD.
3:13 PM PAT is good and Reagan leads 28-7.
3:17 PM Riders 1-10 at their 25. Dimando with a big tackle on 2-9 brings up 3-13. Nearly sacked but the QB gets the pass off for a completion and first down to Rattler 49.
3:19 PM False start by Roosevelt brings up 2-13. Gain of four sets up 3-9.

Another completion for a first down at their 38.
3:20 PM Tough loss if Anderson cannot return.
3:21 PM Riders sustaining this drive now down to the RR 11.

Eatman with a tackle on first down to the 4. Need a stop here.
3:23 PM Pressure on second forces an INC pass. Up the left side for a Roosevelt score.

Rattlers up 28-14.
3:25 PM There's a momentum change right here. Roosevelt thinks they're back in this.
3:25 PM Reagan almost gives up the kick, but Carrington falls on the ball. Tibbs hands to Reggie for 7.
3:26 PM Tibbs keeps ball left and gains 37. He is pulled down by a horse-collar tackle that the three blind mice could have called. No flag.
3:27 PM After a short gain by Puma, there is a hold on Derek. 2nd and 14.
3:28 PM On a zone-read, Justin pulls the ball and is swarmed. 3rd and 15.
3:29 PM Carrington gains 14. Reagan will go for it on 4th and 1.
3:30 PM Marquis back in and takes the handoff right. Pops through a hole and then carries a TR safety about 6 yards into the end zone. Giddy-up! PAT is good and Reagan is up 35-14.
3:33 PM Reyes on the tackle on the kickoff.

Riders 1-10 at their 25. Eatman on the tackle. 2-3......another good run for a first to to the Rider 39.
3:35 PM With Andersen out the Riders are running up the middle with success.

1-10 at the RR 46. Nice stop for no gain by the Rattlers. INC on second down.

3-10.....pass intercepted by Singleton!!!!!
3:36 PM Good series by the D after a couple first downs.
3:36 PM Cade to Drew for a strike of 30.
3:37 PM Cade scrambles and cannot spot an open receiver. Gain of 2.
3:38 PM Cade's pass to a wide open Sthele in man dale is a bit too high.
3:39 PM Cade's pass to Seth is complete and Seth is flipped backwards on his head in some sort of WWF move. He pops back up...he's a football player.
3:41 PM Halftime....Grant, TR really feels the loss of Bryson Carroll on offense. Without him, they lose 70% of their yardage. Our D has played well, again. Big week next week, Let's hope after a 21-pt lead in 1st half, we get some players rested.
3:43 PM Paul, that's the trouble with Roosevelt. They have enough talent to score quickly and make it a game.
4:02 PM Reagan will get the ball to start the 2nd half.
4:04 PM Garcia and Gilliam back. Touchback.
4:06 PM Cade to Drew.....gain of 33.
4:07 PM Carrington takes handoff up the middle, OL blows a huge hole in interior TR defense and John gets to the 11.
4:08 PM 2nd and 4 now from TR 5. Carrington gets to the 1. Derek just flattened the 5-technique.
4:09 PM Carrington scores to make it 41-14. PAT is good and the Rattlers strike almost as quick as they did in 1st half. 42-14.
4:11 PM DIMANDO with hit on the kickoff. A SLOBBER KNOCKER!
4:14 PM Big sack on first down. Sweep stuffed on second down brings up a long 3-12. Pass complete for a first down.

1-10 at their 35. Gain of one on first down.

Sweep to the left side for 3.

3-6.....3 man pressure gets the sack with Big #99 cleaning it up.

Riders to punt.
4:15 PM Tibbs back at QB as Reagan takes over after TR punt at our 35.
4:16 PM Reggie for 2. Justin then on a keeper to mid-field. Gain of 13.
4:18 PM A 17-yard gain by J.T. followed by Reggie up the middle for another 10. Reagan 1st down at TR 21.
4:19 PM Reggie right and he gets another 1st down. Reggie is running hard and is so hard to tackle.
4:20 PM First and 10 from the TR 11. Timeout Reagan.
4:21 PM Reggie bulls his way into the end zone, just because he can. PAT is good and Reagan is now up 49-14.
4:23 PM Reagan is bringing in the backups in all positions. Giving the starters a well deserved rest.
4:26 PM Riders 1-10 at their 30.

Perez on the pass breakup!!

2-10....holding backs the riders up. 2-15. Pass complete for gain of 12.

3-2.....run off left side gets just enough for the first down.
4:28 PM Morris on the tackle!!! I heard it Grant!
4:29 PM RIders with a long pass to the RR 5.

Morris on the tackle. Riders 2-3. End of the quarter.
4:29 PM Got a little pub!!
4:31 PM Perez with another pass break up.

Roosevelt gets it in the endzone up the middle.

49-21 Rattlers
4:33 PM Sanudo and Garcia deep for kickoff. Garcia takes keeper coffee up to Reagan 43.
4:33 PM Cogburn in at QB. Garcia running left loses 2.
4:34 PM Garcia then goes for 10 and it is 3rd and 2.
4:35 PM Sanudo goes for 8 to the TR 40.
4:37 PM Lots of Rattlers getting playing time now. Unfortunately there was a holding penalty that brings it back to 47.
4:38 PM Garcia is caught for a loss of 11. 3rd and 27.
4:39 PM Reagan will punt after run of 8 yards.
4:40 PM Riders 1-10 at their 11. Deep INC pass.

Gain of five on second down tackle by Pharris!!
4:44 PM Short completion brings up 4-2......

False start. 4-7....deep completion for the first to the Rider 42. Gain of 5. 2-5 deep pass INC.
4:45 PM 3-5....swing pass to the right gains a first to the RR 44.
4:48 PM Davis and Cox along with a bunch of Rattlers stop the riders fir no gain. Ditto on second down.
3-11....pass complete tackled by Morr but there's a penalty against Roosevelt. Holding. 3-21 now.....pass complete for 30 yards.
4:53 PM Cogburn runs right for 5.
4:52 PM Riders 1-10...busted play. Johns on the tackle. 2-12 run for 7. 3-5....run for 2 brings up 4 and short. Rattlers stop the Riders!!

4:54 PM Game over......Reagan 49-21. An undefeated district season. Next week v. Austin Westlake.