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Game Notes

Soccer - Varsity - Girls
vs MacArthur HS
2/14/2020 07:00

Reagan: 2
MacArthur HS: 0

Live Feed
Added At Note
7:08 PM Starting lineups being announced vs MacArthur
7:10 PM Reagan and Mac girls in circle saying pregame prayer together
7:13 PM Game on! Let’s go, Reagan!!!
7:16 PM Brit long ball forward to Hannah and good cross to Cami but shot blocked
7:18 PM Kate earns free kick. Brit beautiful ball in, but Hannah shot just over
7:19 PM Brit blistering shot forces save. Out for corner
7:22 PM Hannah earns corner
7:23 PM Hannah forces save
7:24 PM Hannah earns another corner
7:25 PM Scuffle in box but keeper ends up with it
7:27 PM Cami & Hannah combine & earn another corner
7:28 PM Ball falls in good spot but keep ends up with it
7:29 PM Kate nutmeg pass to Cami. Out for another corner
7:38 PM Reagan corner
7:40 PM Angela earns free kick but shot hits the wall
7:49 PM Lots of passing leads to Cami pass to Angela who scores. 1-0!
7:52 PM Brit beautiful through ball to Cami but shot goes high
8:00 PM Halftime here and 1-0.
8:05 PM Start of second half. Let’s do this, ladies! Game on!
8:07 PM Angela pass to Cami who makes it 2-0!
8:11 PM Kate pass to Hannah but shot wide
8:14 PM Hannah with steal and earns corner
8:20 PM Maddie beautiful pass to Hannah but shot just wide
8:39 PM Reagan corner
8:41 PM Kylie earns free kick. Reagan takes it quick
8:47 PM 2-0 final!