Diamondbacker Board Induction

May 3, 2018

May 3, 2018 – The Diamondbacker Sports Association inducted its new Board of volunteers last night. Past Presidents, Courtney and Trent Davidson (pictured right), turned over the reigns to new Presidents, Melinda and Jeff Buell (pictured left).  The Presidents thanked the past Board for all the work done on behalf of our athletes and Athletic Programs and welcomed the new Board.  The following parents were inducted last night (* indicates new Board members):


  • Jennifer & Tom Damiani
  • Dana & Frans Kroon


  • Audra & Ray DeBarros*
  • Tina & Jarred Peeples*


  • Kim & Scott House*

Golf Tournament

  • Kelley & Lynn Higgs
  • Jane & Todd Spears


  • Janet & Chad Sthele*


  • Julie & Eric Barbosa*
  • Shannon & Brad Bright*

Chief Information Officer (Rattlersports)

  • Karen & Keith Fox

Social Media (Rattlersports)

  • Denise & Jim Jones

Special Events

  • Starla & Rocky Burrell

Team Representatives/Nominating Committee

  • Marnie & Michael Goldberg


  • Kim & James Martin*
  • Susan & Rick Rivillas*

Family Matters

  • Jacee & Jamie Hoggatt*

Online Fundraising

  • Debra & Curtis Ayars

Discount Cards

  • Blythe & Ben Carroll

Historian/Past President

  • Courtney & Trent Davidson

The Diamondbacker Sports Association is a 501(c)3 charitable organization for the benefit of all Reagan athletes and athletic programs. Good luck to the Board in this upcoming year!